Frequently Asked Questions

MedFeeTree (MFT) is an online application that connects medical providers that have unpaid medical claims (account receivables) to medical billers most qualified to work those unpaid claims.
MFT can only process Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance claims. It cannot process claims with patient balances (Private Pay).
Any type of medical provider can use MFT which includes; doctors, hospitals, dentist, surgery centers, eye doctors, chiropractors, surgeons, hospice, home health, skilled nursing or any other provider that has medical claims.
If a medical biller is awarded the claims through the bidding process and they get the claims paid, they will receive a commission based on the paid amount which is generally 5-50%. These commissions are paid directly to the billers from MFT and not from the providers so you can be sure to receive your compensation immediately after the claim has paid.
Medical providers deposit estimated commissions into MFT escrow. These commissions are not released to the biller until the claims are proven to be paid and deposited with the provider. If the claims never pay then the estimated commissions are released back to the provider.
MFT is secure and continually evaluated for HIPAA compliance.  No PHI (Protected Health Information) is accessible to the public. Claims data are only available to billers that have been awarded the job, signed applicable confidentiality and Business Associate Agreements and have been screened and verified by MFT.