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Healthcare is the second largest expenditure in the United States with totals of 4 Trillion dollars in 2020. Healthcare institutions and providers average 10% of charges in accounts receivables equating to about 400 Billion dollars at any given time.

These claims are the toughest to collect and most ultimately age past timely filing allowing for tremendous insurance company windfalls. MedFeeTree helps providers recapture their portion of that 400 Billion and disperses it to the hard working providers that earned it and to the most qualified and skilled medical billers that worked it.

The backbone of MedFeeTree is Medical Care Associates L.L.C.. This team of Revenue Cycle Management professionals maintains and supports the secure and confidential structure of this unique application allowing it to service providers and billers with the highest degree of Privacy and Security.

MedFeeTree Leadership

Cory M. Boyle, MHSA

President and Member

Cory M. Boyle graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management in 2000 and received a Masters in Health Care Administration from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 2003. Cory leads the Revenue Cycle Management services for Medical Care Associates, L.L.C., and is a founding member of MedFeeTree.

Courtney L. Starnes

Chief Digital Innovation Officer and Member

As a Healthcare Information Technology Executive, Courtney has focused her career in clinical and revenue cycle systems implementations, software development, financial and operations management, and process improvement. Courtney is a founding member of MedFeeTree.

Brennan P. Fagan

Legal Counsel and Member

Brennan graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law in 2001 and was admitted to the Kansas Bar in 2001 and to the Missouri Bar in 2002. Brennan is a member of the Douglas County Bar Association, the Kansas Bar Association, the Missouri Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. His legal practice at Fagan Emert & Davis, L.L.C. focuses on the areas of Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, and General Civil Litigation.

Michele Hammann

CPA and Controller

Michele C. Hammann, CPA, CVA is Vice President of Healthcare for Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. and currently serves as Controller for Medical Care Associates L.L.C and MedFeeTree.

Julie Schill

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie brings 15 years of healthcare industry knowledge with expertise in systems implementations, brand development, copywriting, and content creation. Julie is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of MedFeeTree’s marketing and advertising initiatives.

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